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Food Service Training (3 Hours/.3 CEUs)
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Includes 3 independent lessons:

Food Danger Zone and Food Preparation Processes (1 Hour)
ThermometerThis lesson defines the food temperature danger zone, describes the three preparation processes common to retail food establishments, and describes specific actions that should be taken during Process 1 to ensure food safety.
Food Service Facility and Equipment Cleanliness and Sanitation (1 Hour)
Washing HandsThis content covers cleanliness and sanitation in food service facilities. It also discusses techniques for the proper cleaning of equipment and utensils used for food preparation. Employees in food service facilities must be familiar with requirements for cleanliness and procedures used to ensure food safety.
Receiving and Storing Food Items (1 Hour)
Freezer Food StorageThis lesson describes indications that food items received or retrieved from storage made of poor quality may not be safe to eat. It also discusses proper procedures for receiving and storing food and food items.

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Food Service Training
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